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New release from sebastian plano

Great to working with Argentinian cellist, composer and producer Sebastian Plano who recently announced the release of new album ‘Save Me Not’ via Mercury KX on 2nd July. If his third (2019’s Grammy nominated ‘Verve’) was exceptional – a filigree of gently stroked strings, rippling piano lines and eloquent electronica, his fourth shifts things to a whole new level. Recorded at nights in his Berlin studio, it finds him going to unprecedented, even greater extremes to satisfy his urge to express himself through the creation of ensemble music alone. Following the release of ‘A Present For A Young Traveller’ and the first two instalments of his ‘Soul’ trilogy (‘Avow’ & ‘Elan,) Plano reveals the final piece to the puzzle: Soul III (Ylem), a beautiful piece of contemplative electronica..

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